Access 2000

Full Description
PIN code provided for this course allows unlimited on-line access for 90 days. This course introduces students to basic elements that compose an Access database and strives to broaden and develop the database design skills that they already possess. Students will start out by learning what a database is and how an effective database should be designed and set up. They will also receive instruction in how to create and use the basic tools of the Access application: tables, forms, filters, sorts, queries, and reports. As students advance in the course, they will work with tables and data, HTML and hyperlinks, use the Query Wizard, and customize reports. They will also learn how to maintain databases as backups, as well as compacting and repairing them. Students will also use Access as a development tool in the most advanced sections of the course. This course teaches strategies for protecting data by enacting various security measures and by controlling how data is entered into a database. Finally, various maintenance features are covered, teaching students to better manage their multi-user databases. The material is presented through explanatory text, real-world scenarios, interactive steps, and questions to test and reinforce the material covered.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: --Modify tables --Refine queries --Produce reports --Work with Macros --Utilize Web capabilities

Student performance is assessed by cumulative training time, number of lessons completed and, where tests are available, the percent correct. Many courses also have a pre- and post-test where the pre-test will automatically assign only the lessons needed to achieve course mastery.

Contact Hours: 24