Course Name
FrameMaker I: Getting Your Feet Wet

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to Adobe FrameMaker, which is perhaps the most widely used authoring tool for technical communicators. In this course, you become familiar with the user interface and learn the basic features of the program.

This course covers the following material:

  • Introduction to FrameMaker
  • Paragraph and Character Tags
  • Templates
  • Tables
  • Graphics
  • Anchored Frames

The material for this course was created for Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 for Windows. If you use an earlier or newer version, slight differences may exist in the product interface. Before taking this course, you should be familiar with basic word processing and file management on the Windows platform.

After completing this course, you will be familiar with
  • Creating and applying paragraph and text formatting.
  • Modifying templates and importing document formats.
  • Inserting and formatting default tables, and creating new table formats.
  • Creating and modifying graphics, and inserting graphics using anchored frames.

Assessment for this course is based on three projects. These projects, along with their due dates are listed in the following table. Projects should by emailed to the instructor by the end of the week in which they are due.


  • Paragraph and Character Tags  (Week 2)
  • Templates (Week 3)
  • Final Project I (Week 6)

Required Book(s)
You can download the trial version of this software from the Adobe FrameMaker product site.


  1. In the first week, you introduce yourself to the instructor and become familiar with the Adobe FrameMaker work area, basic word processing and working with FrameMaker documents.

  2. In the second week, you learn to create and apply paragraph and character tags. The first project, Paragraph and Character Tags, is due by the end of this week.

  3. In the third week, you become familiar with standard templates and learn to modify templates. The second project, Templates, is due by the end of this week.

  4. In the fourth week, you learn to insert and format default templates, and you create custom templates.

  5. In the fifth week, you learn to create and insert graphics and work with anchored frames.

  6. In the final week, you use skills learned in this course to complete the final project. The final project, Final Project I, is due by the end of this week.