Course Name
Legal Transcription Training

Contact Hours: 120

Course Description
This unique and totally on-line program teaches you to do legal assistant, transcription and legal secretarial work. Many opportunities exist to specialize in various types of law, real estate, criminal, family, personal injury, business, etc. The course was designed by a recognized leader in development of training materials. This course offers a Certificate of Completion allowing you to sit for any state exams. Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.

  • The student will gain a practical knowledge of this highly complex and prestigious field.
  • Skills acquired may be used in all aspects of the industry including legal secretarial, legal assistant, and legal transcription.
  • Favorable work at home opportunities

FINAL EXAM (Covers all course material)

70% or better is required on the final to acquire a Certificate of Completion.

Successful completion of this course and final exam will allow you to enter the workforce fully empowered with the required capabilities stressed through this course of study. If a prospective employer asks that you take any tests, your training will have prepared you to do exceptionally well. You can also apply this learned knowledge if you choose to run your own home-based business.

Required Book(s)
All required materials are included; no additional purchase is necessary. If you have any questions, please reach out to

SECTION I-Readings & Exercises

Chapter 1 - The Profession

Chapter 2 - The Law Office

Chapter 3 - The Law

Chapter 4 - The Court System

Chapter 5 - Civil Litigation

Chapter 6 - Family Law - Marriage & Divorce

Chapter 7 - Business Law

Chapter 8 - Contracts

Chapter 9 - Real Estate Law

Chapter 10 - Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 11 - Criminal Law


  • Typing Refresher
  • Grammar Review
  • Latin terms (dictionary of common terms)
  • Dictation Practice (5 Hours)

Other recommended reference material is available but not required since most of the research may be done through course exercises on on-line resources at no charge

  • Blacks Law Dictionary by Bryan A. Garner (Amazon and
    Barnes & Noble for about $55.00) 
  • Merriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary (latest edition)
    or comparable
  • The Bluebook of Citations – check at (about $16.00)
  • A Handbook of Basic Law Terms by Bryan A. Garner (see
    above, $12.95)

Contact Hours: 150
Dictation Practicum:  25 hours