Course Name
Online Research Techniques

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description

The is a seven day online course. This course will help you develop online research skills and gain knowledge on Grolier Online and GaleNet resources.

This course is offered by a State Accredited University and offers State Board Continuing Education credits for Michigan teachers.  If you are located in a state other than Michigan, please check to see if your State Board will honor the Continuing Education Credit.  The course provider will be happy to provide you with appropriate documentation.

This course is designed for K12 teachers but the concepts and examples will translate for any online course developer.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and conduct online research
  • Identify major types of Web-based resources
  • Use different online search features
  • Evaluate information found in online resources
  • Appropriately cite electronic sources
  • Integrate Grolier Online and GaleNet databases into your curriculum

Grading Policies:  This course is self-directed and assessments are graded immediately upon completion. Please check your success in the Tools, Gradebook area. Assessments can be re-taken any time during the course. This course allows you to earn 1 SB-CEU which is available to anyone completing the course with a 70% or better passing score.

Lesson Plan
  1. Lesson 1 - Introduction to Online Research Techniques This lesson covers preparing for an online research project, identifying web references and evaluating and citing online references.

  2. Lesson 2 - Grolier Online In this lesson, Grolier Online (GO) is introduced. Characterizing and accessing GO databases is presented along with curriculum integration ideas.  

  3. Lesson 3 -  Introduces GaleNet, a popular database vendor. Navigating and integrating GaleNet databases into curriculum are discussed.