Course Name
Spanish for Health Professionals (Intermediate) Self-Directed

Contact Hours: 60

Course Description

¡A su salud! (To Your Health!) is an exciting and groundbreaking intermediate-level Spanish program for students and practicing health-care professionals.

This unique e-learning course provides all the materials needed for helping you improve your medical Spanish communication skills.

¡A su salud! focuses on the Spanish and culture of recently-arrived Latino immigrants. It promotes Spanish competency in language as well as cultural awareness through the use of broadcast-quality dramatic video and numerous imaginative interactive exercises. The package also includes a textbook/workbook that contains grammatical explanations, more exercises, and information designed to help learners better communicate with their patients and clients.

Self-Directed Learners are encouraged to download the 66-page Guide for the Self-Directed Learner.

Students who sucessfully complete this course will become competent, intermediate-level speakers of medical Spanish, and find themselves ready for an advanced-level course.

Exercises are automatically graded and immediate feedback is provided by the program. Students must pass a short test at the end of each section before proceeding to the next one. Tracking features on the DVD record student scores on tests in each section.


The content in each unit is organized around specific health, language and cultural tasks, with grammar and vocabulary addressed "in context". Exercises are centered around real-world health tasks.

The ¡A su salud! program is delivered via DVD-ROM, the web and a print workbook. By taking advantage of the combined capabilities of these delivery methods, ¡A su salud! accommodates students with different learning styles and communication needs and provides students with a dynamic mix of interactive exercises, self-paced study, and additional exercises for practice, all from the convenience of home or office.

This innovative approach is ideal for distance learning and provides students with the opportunity for "anytime, anywhere" instruction in their rotations, internships, or practices.

¡A su salud! is designed with a high degree of learner control because the student decides where to start in a section, what sequence to follow, and the number of times to view video and attempt exercises. Most importantly, the student can individualize and expand the DVD, web and print components to construct a personalized learning environment.


The DVD-ROM hosts most of the primary materials for the program, including the video and interactive exercises.

Exercises are automatically graded and immediate feedback is provided by the program. Students must pass a short test at the end of each section before proceeding to the next one. Tracking features on the DVD record student scores on tests in each section .

Each unit on the DVD is divided into four sections: Preparación, Historia, Repaso, and Aplicación.

The Preparación section is composed of pre-learning activities that focus students on the content to be presented in the upcoming unit.

Some features of the Preparación section include:

Objetivos—Presents the objectives for the upcoming unit.

Principios—Highlights specific health and language issues students will encounter in the unit.

Más alla—Discusses how and why some messages may be unclear and provides strategies to help students clarify what is being said.

Virtual Grammar Device—Presents an in-depth look at a grammar point that is especially difficult for English speakers of Spanish to understand.

Vocabulario—Presents specific vocabulary (key terms and phrases) from the Historia. The student can access an audio pronunciation of the featured words or phrases and see written examples of the words or phrases used in context. The Vocabulario is designed to help the student learn the key vocabulary used in the storyline and to recognize these words and phrases in context. However, it is not designed to function as a dictionary.

Personajes—Presents detailed profiles (video) of characters featured in the episode of the unit.

Historia (Video)

Each unit of ¡A su salud! is organized around an episode from the Historia—a simple, but engaging storyline, delivered as broadcast-quality video. An interdisciplinary cast of characters (e.g., physicians, nurses, social worker, pharmacist, clients and community people) with a variety of accents, set in a Latino-run community-based health center, help make language and culture come alive. The story''''s plot presents authentic and provocative scenarios involving the staff, members of their families, and Spanish-speaking clients and community members. Each episode of the Historia introduces students to grammar structures and vocabulary that are then reinforced in the exercises on the DVD, web and workbook.

Some features of the Historia section include:

Resumen—A brief video review that identifies key story elements from the Historia in the previous unit.

Subtitles—Spanish subtitles that are accessible while viewing the Historia.

Glossed entries—Specific terms that appear in the subtitles are hyperlinked to the Glosario.

The Repaso section consists of review exercises that check students comprehension of the Historia.

The Aplicación section consists of exercises (e.g., case studies, discussion questions) that require students to reflect, problem-solve and interact with other students and/or the instructor through the web component of the program. The exercises use video that features authentic language and is based on observable communication in the health care environment.