Course Name
Advanced Certificate in Technical Writing

Contact Hours: 150

Course Description

This program offering allows students to choose from over 20 different topic areas and to propose a course of study that they may engage in under the guidance and direction of a seasoned Senior Technical Writing Practitioner/Educator Course Administrator. (CA).

This Certificate Program uses a comprehensive text as well as an instructional web site to bring together resources, exercises, activities, assignments, quizzes and deliverables that are geared exclusively towards the art and craft of technical writing.

Overview of Instructional Website

  • You will have at your disposal an instructional website that provides supplemental information relative to
    the subject area.
  • You can choose from a variety of available assignments, activities, exercises.
  • Use the criteria established with the CA to perform specific activities tied to our course of study and final deliverable.
  • Use the automated quiz generator to test your skill level through each section of the course.

In short, students enrolled in the course take the following steps after enrollment:

Phase 1

  1. Upon LMS establishment, you will purchase and download the required text for the program.
  2. Contact Instructor requesting criteria and information regarding proposed course of study.
  3. Student compiles course of study and creates a proposal submitted to CA based on criteria, goals and objectives.
  4. Proposal accepted or student asked to modify.
  5. Student engages in course of study.

Phase 2

  1. Mid-point conference with Instructor via email or teleconference.
  2. Student presents written progress report.
  3. Completion date and administrative activities reviewed and acted upon.

Phase 3

  1. Completion of program.
  2. Student presents final written report on complete course of study to Instructor.
  3. Final Portfolio or project based work submitted for review and grading by Instructor.

Phase 4

After completing your course of study you will have gained a well-rounded education allowing you to...

  • Perform effective audience and purpose analyses for user-centered documents
  • Write specifically to fit your audience needs
  • Create powerful technical documents including descriptions, processes, instructions, and reports
  • Understand and Apply effectual principles of visual design to your documents
  • Develop valuable information plans and content specifications
  • Estimate and Manage your documentation projects

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Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to...
  • Display a solid understanding of the concepts utilized in the technical communication field
  • Write effective and efficient technical documents specific to content areas of your choosing 
  • Utilize visual design to enhance your documents and communicate complex data
  • Employ architectural and industry standards to documents 
  • Effectively communicate information to specialized target audiences
  • Understand the requirements, organization, and estimation needed for quality management of your documentation projects
  • More effectively deal with difficult tasks and time-sensitive projects
  • Demonstrate your capabilities in the workplace setting at an advanced level


Evaluation of your performance will be based on...
  • Self-reports of progress made at halfway point and at the end of the course
  • Completed assignments, activities, exercises, readings, reports
  • All other deliverables required by course administrator such as a completed portfolio or final project
Grading in the Advanced Certificate Program: A skilled senior level technical writing professional will review your submissions for technical accuracy, utilization of industry standards, and ensure you have achieved an in-depth understanding of the course objectives. In addition, verbal and written reports and scheduled consultations will be evaluated. 

Required Book(s)
Students must purchase required text download once LMS access has been established.

The Advanced Certificate in Technical Writing is delivered so students create a course of study from any of the following 3 concentration areas (see below). A minimum of 1 specific area of concentration must be selected, and within that area of concentration the student must choose a minimum of 3 subject areas. If a student seeks to combine two or three other concentration areas they may do so with the consent of the Instructor. Regardless of concentration areas chosen, the student must declare one elective from any of concentration areas listed below and incorporate that into their Certificate Course of Study.

Areas of Concentration

Concentration: Foundations – Emphasizing the Composing Process

Subject Areas

  • The Basic Parts of the Composing Process
  • Writing for Your Readers
  • Achieving a Readable Script
  • Writing Ethically
  • Writing for International Readers

Concentration: Techniques – Moving Beyond the Basic Concepts

Subject Areas

  • Gathering, Evaluating, and Documenting Information
  • Designing and Formatting Documents
  • Creating and Managing Text
  • Developing the Main Elements of Reports
  • Creating Tables and Figures

Concentration: Applications – The Emerging Forms of Technical Writing

Subject Areas

  • Planning Correspondence and E-Mai;
  • Creating Reports for Any Occasion
  • Developing Analytical Reports: Recommendation Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Developing Research Reports
  • Formulating Instructions, Procedures, and Policies
  • Writing Collaboratively
  • Preparing Oral Reports

[Create your own Advanced Certificate with consent of the Instructor]