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Course Name
Managing Meetings

Contact Hours: 1

Course Description

will help you to shape the way your team communicates and works together. It will equip you with techniques to make the best of any challenging people and situations you might encounter, and it will help you to build high performing teams that are flexible, creative and light on their feet.

Once participants have completed this program, they will have learnt the skills and techniques to facilitate a successful team meeting. Specifically they will be able to:
  • State reasons to justify holding a meeting.
  • State actions necessary for proper preparation for a meeting.
  • Describe how to facilitate the right mood and mode for a meeting.
  • Describe success factors for warming up a meeting and ways to be supportive through use of language.
  • State the difference between meeting content and process.
  • Describe types of information generated in a meeting.
  • State the key criteria to keep in mind when planning and re-planning meeting times.
  • State the key criteria for recording information and how to close a meeting.
  • Describe how to diagnose why a group is low energy, unresponsive, experiencing patchy participation, emotional or off agenda and learn techniques on how to overcome this.
  • Describe 5 techniques that can be used when a group encounters a problem.

After reading the material, you'll have a chance to play an online game that presents hypothetical scenarios for you to analyze. As you answer the multiple-choice questions correctly, you'll move through the game and earn a Certificate of Completion.

Module 1 (42 mins) The Essentials
  • Getting the Meeting on the Right Track
  • Managing the Flow
Module 2 (24 mins) Advanced Techniques
  • Resolving Common Meeting Problems