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Course Name
Managing Conflict And Difficult Behavior

Contact Hours: 1

Course Description

Managing Conflict and Difficult Behavior will help you to shape the way your team communicates and works together. It will help you handle conflict positively and constructively, and it will equip you with techniques to make the best of any challenging people and situations you might encounter.

Once participants have completed this program, they will have learnt how to successfully manage conflict and handle difficult behaviors. Specifically they will be able to:
  • State why conflict might occur.
  • Describe how conflict can positively affect the team.
  • Describe five common ways that individuals respond to conflict.
  • Describe coping strategies for each response.
  • Describe a general stepped approach to conflict resolution.
  • Describe the barriers people put up to participation.
  • Define what constitutes difficult behavior.
  • Identify when it’s appropriate to make an intervention.
  • State the goal of making an intervention and describe 4 types of intervention.
  • Name 4 common types of difficult behaviors and outline a strategy for successful handling of each.

After reading the material, you`ll have a chance to play an online game that presents hypothetical scenarios for you to analyze. As you answer the multiple-choice questions correctly, you`ll move through the game and earn a Certificate of Completion.


Module 1 Managing Difficult Behavior
  • Handling Difficult Behaviors Effectively
Module 2 Managing Conflict
  • Managing Conflict between Team Members