Course Name
Dealing with Customer Complaints

Contact Hours: 3

Course Description
When customers complain, it shows they care. You want customers to complain so you can fix the problem. The challenge is to know the best way to resolve the situation. During this program, you'll learn why an organization should seek customer complaints, and learn appropriate customer service responses. You'll also learn a technique to help work through challenging customer service situations.

By completing this course you will learn:
  1. How to effectively deal with customer complaints
  2. Resolve situations
  3. Learn appropriate customer service responses

Students may master the course/s by achieving a percentage at or above 70% for each individual lesson, through their scoring results of the course questions, the skill assessment, or a combination of both.

  • Introduction
  • Seeking Customer Complaints
  • Defining Recovery
  • Responding to Customer
  • The CLEAR Technique
  • Summary