Course Name
Build Your Own BIZ™ - Dynamic Workforce Management

Contact Hours: 1

Course Description
Lead Your Workforce With Effective Management

Effective personnel management is vital to your business. This course will help you motivate your employees, both individually and as a cohesive workforce, and lead them to your business goals. The class includes video, text, and downloadable resources.

Description of Course

Dynamic Workforce Management will explore the following topics:

  • Articulating your vision to your workforce
  • Choosing a management strategy that works for your business
  • Managing Stress, Time, and Conflict
  • Verification of Financial Statements
  • Developing Your Leadership Skills

The Dynamic Workforce Management course also contains downloads and resource links that will help you put your plan into action.


Completion of the Dynamic Workforce Management module will help you:

  • Communicate your vision to your employees in the form of vision statements, mission statements, goals, objectives, and action plans
  • Learn about the different types of management strategies and choose a management strategy or set of strategies that works in your organization
  • Understand verfication of financial statements
  • Manage stress, time, and conflict as they relate to your workforce
  • Develop/improve your leadership skills


Evaluation of your performance will be based on:

  • Quizzes are provided in each module for self-evaluation of your progress.


Dynamic Workforce Management is structured to adapt to your preferred learning style and can be used as follows:

  • Participants can navigate the module like a book, moving from chapter to chapter
  • Participants can use the audio feature to listen to the content
  • Menus and Table of Contents allow participants to find specific information quickly and easily
  • Downloadable templates assist participants in putting the ideas they have learned into practice