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Course Name
How to Adopt Green Practices in Business and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
How To Adopt Green Practices In Business And Gain A Competitive Advantage

Whether you are a business owner, office manager, HR manager, business professional or “green-team” project leader who wants to know how to get started with a sustainability program, this comprehensive e-learning course will give you the results you want.

Unlike other sustainability courses, it includes how to effectively market and advertise your green practices. As an added bonus, you will receive an extensive workbook so you won`t have to spend hours at a time in front of the computer and forms to help you work in green teams. It will provide you with exercise, activities and forms to help you work on your own or with your green team.

Course Purpose

You will learn practical methods to transform your business operations, office, or your entire facility into a sustainable organization.

Topics covered include how to embrace green practices by cutting energy costs--reducing the “carbon footprints” from your facility, office, and vehicles; generally reducing the amount of waste and pollution your company produces and creating a healthier workplace. Throughout the course, you will be provided with compelling and instructive facts, statistics, case studies, and an extensive workbook to help you plan your organization’s transformation, as well as websites to go to for additional information. You will also learn how to obtain a payback of 22% in a few years with a simple office remodel.

Upon completion of this course, you will be well prepared to implement a sustainability program. You will develop an action plan to go green and learn how to effectively market and promote your company’s green efforts to help obtain and maintain a competitive edge.

Course Goal

The course is designed specifically to provide all the information and tools you need to create and implement a Green Action Plan that significantly enhances your company`s bottom line and increases your operational efficiency while reducing your impact on the environment.

This comprehensive approach to “greening” your company’s profile provides detailed methods and step-by-step procedures to create and market your sustainability program that will ultimately enhance your corporate presence in the marketplace.

Case studies of companies that have benefited from their commitment to "go green" prove that this effort will enhance your corporate presence in the market and position your company to gain a competitive advantage. After completing the course, you will also be fully equipped to create and market your sustainability program throughout your company and the marketplace.

As an added benefit, you will learn about the U.S. Green Building Council and how to obtain LEED certification for your facility.

This course is intended for you to enjoy! We recognize that the amount of content, activities, exercises and quizzes can take many contact hours. However, many of the quizzes are self-evaluations, and you can pick and choose from the exercises. Above all, enjoy your journey in going green.

Upon completion of this course,course participants will be able to:
  • Understand how businesses create a negative impact on the environment
  • Recognize and assess your own business’s current environmental impact
  • Understand the benefits of adopting green practices
  • Create and implement an Action Plan to green your company’s processes and facility
  • Develop a system for corporate-wide communication
  • Implement methods to obtain employee involvement and engagement in your green initiative
  • Identify strategies to make suppliers more environmentally friendly
  • Implement strategies for effective marketing, advertising and promoting your commitment to the environment while avoiding green washing
  • Identify areas where you can assist your local community’s environmental efforts
  • Implement green practices that make sense and help to create…
    • a better company
    • a better community
    • a better state
    • a better country
    • a better planet

The course is divided into Five Lessons. After the student completes a lesson they take a short quiz.

There is an end of course final exam. Passing is 75% or greater. 

Lesson 1: Introduction
  • A Brief History of Environmental Awareness
  • Today’s Environmental Reality
  • Identifying a “Green Company”
Lesson 2: Benefits of Adopting Green Practices
  • It’s Good for the Environment…and It’s Good For Your Company
  • Advantages of Adopting Green Practices
  • Case Studies of Companies That Have Successfully “Gone Green” and Benefited
Lesson 3: Preparing to Create Your Green Action Plan
  • Going Green: A Step By Step Process, Part 1
  • Extolling the Benefits of Adopting Green Practices
  • Typical Ways Non-Green Businesses Negatively Impact the Environment
Lesson 4: Your Green Solutions and Action Plan
  • Going Green: A Step By Step Process, Part 2
  • Solutions to Lower Your Organization’s Impact on the Environment
  • Creating Your Sustainability Action Plan
Lesson 5: Effectively Marketing and Advertising Your Commitment to The Environment
  • Why Market and Advertise Your Green Practices
  • Strategies for Effective Marketing and Advertising
  • PR Strategies that Promote Your Commitment and Credibility
Course Summary

Final Exam and Course Evaluation

Note: You will have 90 day access to take the course, but you can complete it as quickly as you wish.

Lessons include:
  • Audio and video components
  • Activities
  • Research
  • Case studies
  • Recommended reading, resources and supplemental materials