Course Name
Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Contact Hours: 1

Course Description
In today’s increasingly diverse workplace, recognizing and valuing diversity has never been more important for an organization’s success. The differences and similarities that we experience. The key to valuing differences is to be appropriate about recognizing them so that they don’t hold us back from performing at the highest level possible. In this course, you will learn about your own attitudes toward diversity along with specific skills to work effectively with other employees who have different backgrounds and training.

Before diving into the specifics of diversity, you should know that this topic is part of a larger set of skills often referred to as “soft skills” in the world of business. “Hard skills” are the technical expertise you need to get the job done. For example, an engineer needs to understand how to build and understand physical systems - this is an example of a hard skill.

In general, soft skills are interpersonal competencies which play a very important role in professional success; they help you to do your very best while working in an environment with many individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and take part in very different job tasks.

Because of the need to manage different opinions and interpersonal styles, the difference between a good employee and a great one often boils down to a person’s competence with soft skills.

By completing this course you will learn to:
  • Explain key dimensions of diversity
  • Summarize ways that diversity impacts the workplace.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ways to establish an inclusive work climate that reflects a value for people from diverse backgrounds.

After reading the material, you'll have a chance to play an online game that presents hypothetical scenarios for you to analyze. As you answer the multiple-choice questions correctly, you'll move through the game and earn a Certificate of Completion.

  • Introduction
  • Diversity In The Workplace
  • Valuing Diversity In The Workplace
  • Summary