Course Name
Protecting Students in the 21st Century: What You Need to Know

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

The Protecting Students in the 21st Century Library is a comprehensive, online internet safety program that invovles your students, teachers, and parents to keep teens safe online and with their cell phones. In addition to the online curriculum and training lessons, the program includes assessments, quizzes, and a safety pledge for students, safety plans for teachers, and a self-assessment and resources for parents.

By completing this course you will learn how:
  • To keep teens safe online and with their cell phones

After reading the material, you'll have a chance to play an online game that presents hypothetical scenarios for you to analyze. As you answer the multiple-choice questions correctly, you'll move through the game and earn a Certificate of Completion.

  • Staying safe from online predators
  • Preventing and dealing with cyber bullying
  • Avoiding inappropriate sites
  • Recognizing and handling internet addition
  • Sharing online videos safely
  • Protecting computer data
  • Surfing the web safely
  • Protecting credit card information
  • Avoiding identity theft
  • Staying safe with online gambling
  • Recognizing dangers of downloading sites
  • Staying safe and legal using peer-to-peer networks
  • Avoiding plagarism and citing sources properly
  • Recognizing internet and email scams and frauds Identifying internet hoaxes
  • Staying away from online gambling
  • Staying safe while using chatrooms, IMs, and Email
  • Understanding dangers in newsgroups, bulletinboards, and online forums
  • Using cell phones safely and avoiding “sexting”
  • Keeping information private and staying safe on social networks
  • Learning about viruses, malware, and adware
  • Avoiding unethical practices involving copyrights and paper mills
  • Using monitoring and filtering tools (Teachers and Parents only)
  • Blogging safely