Course Name
Life Cycle Assessment for Designers

Contact Hours: 3

Course Description
In this online course you will gain an understanding of how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) supports the role of the Interior Designer and other green builders in achieving sustainable interiors, and the importance of LCA in materials selection. You will receive an overview of how LCA relates to other "green" product evaluation systems. Finally, you`ll learn about the leading LCA systems currently used, and learn product substitutions.

By the conclusion of this class, students will be able to:
  1. Define product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  2. Recall how LCA supports the role of Interior Designers in achieving sustainable interiors.
  3. Understand LCA`s role in the selection and specification of materials and products.
  4. Understand the relationship of LCA to other "green" product evaluation systems.
  5. Identify the leading LCA methodologies.

Students must complete a brief assessment to complete the class.


  • Defining Life Cycle Assessment
  • Using Life Cycle Assessment
  • Common Life Cycle Assessment Systems