Course Name
ESL For Business 3 Course Certificate (Email, Letters, Special Documents)

Contact Hours: 72

Course Description
In this instructor-led course, students will work on improving their written English skills through doing self-test grammar exercises and writing practice e-mails aimed toward a particular audience (peers, customers, and management), writing practice letters and memos aimed toward a particular audience (customers and peers) and working on documents they use every day in their job. Instructor feedback on written assignments will guide students in improving their skills.

Many times in business, your written words are your "calling card" to customers, vendors, and even associates and management within your own company. How do you feel about what you write:

  1. Do you feel that because English is your second language, you don`t communicate as well as others?
  2. Do you find your weak writing skills leave you at a disadvantage when it comes to advancement?
  3. Do you feel you need to improve your understanding of written English?

Welcome to ESL for Business Bundle. These three ESL For Business courses target different kinds of written communications that you use everyday: e-mail, letters and memos, and those special documents particular to your job.

What Makes This Course Unique?

You might say, "what`s different about this course from other ESL courses you can take online?"

Unlike "one size fits all" courses, the lessons in this course are tailored to your problem areas. In other courses, you may only view a lesson and do self-study exercises. In this course, you have access to a teacher-tutor. In addition to doing self-study exercises in a textbook, you will have assignments that reflect real-world situations and someone who will read over your work and provide feedback on it. The teacher-tutor will assign you readings and grammar exercises to do based on the areas in which you need improvement rather than just a standard reading/exercise that everybody does. . 

Individual Course Descriptions
ESL for Business - E-mail Communication
ESL for Business - Letters and Memos
ESL for Business - Special Documents

Upon successful completion of this course you will:
  1. Have a better understanding of English Grammar
  2. Write clearer and more professionally
  3. Be able to use the appropriate tone in your documents
  4. Develop more confidence in your written communication skills
There is a quote which is attributed to actor Raymond Burr (when he was guest instructor at a California University): "If you can master the art of communication, you can be a matter what the endeavor."

Do YOU want to be a success?

Student performance will be assessed by self-check exercises and written assignments reviewed by the instructor.

Each lesson is structured to include:

  1. PowerPoint Grammar Reviews
  2. Reading Assignments
  3. Self-Test Exercises
  4. A Written Assignment

Required Book(s)