Course Name
Workplace Experience Certificate in Technical Writing

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description

"Build up your resume credentials with a Technical Writing Certificate 
without having to enroll in a formal course of study."

Make your life and work experience skills count! This service is designed for professionals who have well-documented workplace experience and are considering earning an Accredited University Certificate in Technical Writing. Those in the technical writing fields or related areas can use this service to have their work formally evaluated and gain valuable academic recognition for their work.


It is common for individuals with many years of life and workplace experience to undervalue their accomplishments. They tend to think that a formal education is the only way they might achieve success both personally and in the workplace. Our service will help you rethink your Prior Life and Workplace Experiences and Accomplishments. You will soon discover that you have a rich history of learning and experience that can help differentiate you from others, build your self-esteem, and give you a vital competitive edge in the workplace and in seeking new career-paths. 

Do you have the necessary experience already in place? Are you seeking to advance your career goals and objectives? Then use the Workplace Experience Certificate Service to propel your career forward.  

What does this service include?

  • A comprehensive review of submitted portfolio work products.
  • Issuance of a Technical Writing Certificate from an accredited university upon successful review of your completed application.
  • All certificate processing fees.
  • 1 additional free re-evaluation (if needed) of the workplace experience certificate application including supporting documents.

About Us:

JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) is a leading provider of online training and certification in Continuing Workforce Education. Now in our 20th year of business, JER Online has established itself as a highly respected and credible resource for individuals and corporations nationwide. We also hold over 100 contractual partnerships with accredited colleges and universities. 

JER Online was founded by Dr. John Reid, whose extensive experience in Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) has been used to develop this program. JER Online's flagship technical writing certificate courses serve to give us the necessary grounding to conduct assessments and ensure our quality standards to the workplace.  

Our company is also a long standing and recognized member of the Society for Technical Communication. Our tech-writing faculty members, comprised of practitioners will serve as reviewers and evaluators of your work.

How it Works:

Workplace experience certification is a departure from typical PLA assessment programs which normally focus on earning standard college credit for what you know. Here, experiential learning specifically targets your relevant workplace skill-sets and provides university level acknowledgement of your abilities. 

Our certification program service encompasses the full spectrum of the technical writing & content development professions, which also include adjacent fields of your specialized expertise. 

Upon a successful review and award recommendation, a Certificate in Technical Writing will be processed and issued in your name. If there is a specialty area we may also add this to your certificate after careful review of your portfolio submissions. The applicant will be given the opportunity to specify a single specialty area they wish to have added to the Certificate Credential. NOTE: Portfolio work products weigh heavily and must support your request by demonstrating proficiency in one specific area of expertise rather than that of multiple areas of general knowledge. 

Some specialized areas could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Authoring Data Reports
  • Creating User Guides
  • Developing Proposals
  • Research Document Authoring
  • Technical Analysis
  • Tool Use including Graphics Applications and Popular Tech-Writing and Authoring/Development Programs
  • Web Authoring & Development
  • Marketing, Sales & Advertising Work Products including technical collateral materials
  • Content Authoring
  • Technical Blogging
  • Technical Social Networking

Portfolio work products weigh heavily in these circumstances and therefore certification is individually recognized on separate credentials as opposed to multiple areas. 
Examples of how a Certificate In Technical Writing might read when a specialty area has been identified:

  • Someone with expertise in writing Standard Operating Procedures would earn a Certificate in Technical Writing with Emphasis Skills in SOP Authoring.
  • Skilled practitioners in Framemaker can earn a Certificate in Technical Writing with Emphasis Skills in Framemaker Tool Use.
  • An expert in web content can earn a Certificate in Technical Writing with Emphasis Skills in Web Architecture.

These certifications carry weight. Hundreds of major corporations across the United States are well aware of the standards established for certification from JER Online. They are stringent, and include both electronic and hard copy portfolio examination. Materials submitted must meet or exceed our levels of expectation following a prescribed criteria. This is described in detail and is provided to you at the time of completing and submitting your application. 

Getting Started

We recommend you contact us to discuss firsthand your specialty areas of expertise. We can then offer critical personalized counseling and strategically guide you in promoting your skill-sets effectively. Our staff is available from 9:00-5:00, M-F, EST at 706-216-3406.  

Certificate Processing
Upon successful review and recommendation that a Certificate in Technical Writing be awarded to the applicant the following will take place.

  1. JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) will submit to the university a recommendation notification that will allow for the processing of a paper-based certificate.
  2. The university will generate the certificate which will include the applicants name along with the university name, watermark or other similar printed impression.
  3. The university will mail the applicant a Certificate in Technical Writing [with optional specialty area of concentration].

Miscellaneous Information
A. Program Completion

Applicants are encouraged to have other prior or current workplace experience evaluated for issuance of additional Certificates in Technical Writing in areas of specialty. 

B. Release of Materials

As part of the application process, all submitted materials that originate and are generated as a result of engaging in paid or non-paid work for a company as an employee or consultant must not violate copyright and confidentiality policies of that company. All evaluation materials submitted to JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) are not returnable.


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