Course Name
Technical Business Writing

Contact Hours: 30

Course Description
This course introduces you to the writing process which includes, writing for business and government, and technical business correspondence. You`ll learn and be expected to use standard design, format, and style for these page-design elements in the documents you write for this course. These are much the same standards as those used in business and the technical-publishing industry today. All work will be submitted to your instructor who will review, comment on, and send back comments to you by e-mail attachment. The one-on-one type of instruction is designed to help you be a more effective Technical Business Writer in a shorter period of time.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Perform audience and task analyses in preparation to write business communications.
  • Know good design practices for the different types of business communications.
  • Know the common formats for business communications and produce professional-looking written communications.
  • Use appropriate tone for difficult situation in business communications.
  • Write well-organized, coherent business communications.
  • Use the standards of good writing (grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics

Activities will include readings on business communication, the writing process, format of business messages, and strategies for writing the five business communication assignments in this course.

Throughout the course students will receive in-depth feedback from the instructor on assignments and may discuss any issues related to technical writing with the instructor.

Certificate of Completion information may be communicated by writing to or contacting the institution you have enrolled at.

Introductions and Start-Up

To begin the course, you will fill out an online schedule and questionnaire, specifying your own due dates for 
the units included in this course. Doing so will generate your own web-page schedule with links to all the assignments, readings, and related information.

You`ll receive an e-mail introduction from your instructor and will then send e-mail introducing yourself.

Read the overview of this course to learn how it works and what the requirements are. Make sure that you understand the objectives of this course, the schedule of activities, the methods of operation, and the assessment of your work.

Business & Technical Writing: Overview

Use the study guide to get an overview of writing in business and technical situations.

Planning, Writing, and Revising Business and Technical Communications

Use the study guide for writing process overview to learn about effective processes for planning, writing, and revising communications.

Conveying Complex Information
Use the study guide for explaining complex information to learn about and practice techniques for 
explaining complex information in business communications.

Writing Persuasive Business Communications

Use the study guide for writing persuasively to learn about and practice writing persuasive communications.

Communicating Bad News
Use the study guide for communicating bad news to learn about and practice strategies for communicating bad news.

Admitting a Mistake

Use the study guide for admitting mistake to learn about and practice effective strategies for admitting mistakes.

Saying No to Management

Use the study guide for telling the boss no to learn about and practice writing messages in which you just say no.