Course Name
ICD-10 Medical Coding - Learn How Now!

Contact Hours: 120

Course Description
Prepare for the huge 2013 ICD-10 coding shift from the 50 year-old ICD-9 diagnostic codes to the ICD-10 codes. Be part of the major change in the industry, going from 14,000 codes to 69,000. More and more data is needed in healthcare and ICD-10 is all about getting it. CD with live instructor support. Course can be completed as quickly as material is assimilated. Estimated time of completion is dependent on students level of expertise. Jumpstart your career!

If you are already a coder or want to become one, here is critical information for your career consideration.

  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. government have collaborated now for several years to modify and expand the ICD-9 codes to acquire badly needed additional data.
  2. Career coders must make the transition within the year.
  3. Beginning coders just moving into a coding career will need to add the ICD10 coding to their training.

Recommended: ICD-9 and Med Terminology Background.

This course will: 
  • Provide a detailed introduction to ICD-10
  • Demonstrate how ICD-10 is different than ICD-9
  • Provide online alphabetic diagnostic lookups and cross-references
  • Cover tabular lists and hierarchy
  • Crosswalk coding samples from the ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • YOU CODE IT section: 75 patient charts to code with answer keys
  • Fast track real world learning


Successful completion of coding exercises with answer keys provided at the conclusion of each exercise for self evaluation. Instructor feedback via email. At the conclusion of the course, a student may apply (for a fee) for testing and ICD-10 Training Certification through Med-Certification an industry acknowledged Medical CEU provider.


  1. Overview of Guidelines  
  2. Benefits of ICD-10-CM  
  3. Similarities and Differences ICD-9 and ICD-10  
  4. Additional changes in ICD-10 
  5. Section Organization  
  6. Conventions, General Coding Guidelines and
  7. Chapter Specific Guidelines  
  8. You Code It  
  9. Patient Charts 1-75 
  10. Appendix – the entire  HCFA code and guidelines listing, descriptions and instructions