Course Name
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification

Contact Hours: 6

Course Description
The ACLS course is designed for healthcare providers who act in participation or directing the resuscitation of patients, in or outside of the hospital setting. ACLS stresses the importance of basic life support (CPR) for patient survival as well as advanced interventions, multiple-provider scenarios, and communication to use during resuscitation.


There is no prerequisite for this course. If you are also taking the BLS Certification course, it is recommended you complete that first.

Please note: This certification course is online and is not an onsite program.

  • Student understands steps and processes necessary to increase chances of survival for a cardiac arrest
  • Learns all concepts shown in Outline
  • Student will receive ACLS provider card PDF file immediately after completion of the course

Students demonstrate their knowledge of course work by successfully completing a multiple-choice exam.

Unit 1: General Concepts:

Understand 2010 updates to Basic Life Support recommendations from the American Heart Association

Unit 2: BLS and ACLS Surveys:

Be able to assess the scene for factors that will affect resuscitation attempts

ACLS Unit 3: Team Dynamics:

Learn resuscitation procedures in single-provider and multiple-provider scenarios

ACLS Unit 4: Systems of Care:

Illustrate the relationship between resuscitation and ongoing post-cardiac arrest care

ACLS Unit 5: ACLS Cases:

Learn the responses necessary in all different situations

ACLS Unit 6: Pharmacology in Resuscitation:

Review pharmacological options, doses, possible side effects and other considerations

ACLS Unit 7: Rhythm Recognition:

(Appendix) illustration of different rhythms shown through the course