Course Name
Medical Scribe Career Training

Contact Hours: 45

Course Description
For those interested in pursuing a very interesting medical career, medical scribing is one of the most interesting and rewarding occupations available, and the need for them is growing.  The training teaches medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, laboratory, pharmaceuticals, disease processes, surgical procedures, and trains the scribe to document the physician's or practitioner's dictation and activities.  It teaches the use and navigation of electronic health records.  The program moves from the exam room where the scribe records the history, examination, treatment plan, and other clinical data in real time,  to reminding providers of treatment plans, checking to be sure test results are received, and prescriptions are refilled. Medical coding is often part of the responsibility.

The course is provided on CD e-Books which are used to display course material on a computer and the program is fully interactive; all of the research, references, and quiz answers are done online.  Student support is provided by email and the final examination is online. This course can be accelerated and the student can complete in a shorter time span that is posted. Students who do not complete their course of study within the time span posted will be required to request an extension. Fees range from $125.00 for 1 month, $175.00 for 2 months and $225.00 for a 3 month extension.    

The trained scribe will have learn about:

  • Medicine
  • Patient examinations
  • Laboratory tests
  • Diagnoses and dispositions 
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical records
  • Medical coding

This comprehensive program will prepare for a career in a medical scribing, a responsible and interesting career that pays very well and provides an experience that may lead to greater opportunities. 


Platform fast track learning with chapter practice exams (self-guiding and grading) provide not only the basic theories needed, but provide lots of hands on experience all the way.  Though the learning system is simple to follow, instructors are available for email questions.  A final examination is required to confirm successful course completion (and obtain any related certification of same).  Passing score is 69%.


MODULE 1 – Medical Terminology

Medical terminology, English grammar, anatomy, physiology, medical instruments, diagnostic medicine, and pharmacology.

MODULE 2 – Medical Records

Medical records, electronic and paper, file transfer protocols, confidential management, data entry, and medical reports of all types.


ICD, CPT and HCPCS codes are provided for practice in coding together with how the codes impact medical care reimbursement, with a complete coding practicum providing lots of experience.