Course Name
Complete Industrial Skills Training Series

Contact Hours: 188

Course Description
Now there is a top-skilled elearning solution for skilled workers both entering the industrial workforce and climbing the ladder to leadership and management positions within the operations and maintenance space. The strength of your industrial skills is the foundation of your success. So it's no surprise that industrial plants and facilities are constantly on the lookout for targeted training solutions that can boost productivity, bridge the skills gap, address regulatory compliance, and promote safety.

We’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum and online library with your industrial skills training and compliance needs in mind. The pioneer in online education and occupational training has teamed up with industry experts to help you become a better industrial plant manager, plant engineer, technician, mechanic, supervisor, electrician, or any craft skills worker.
Our eLearning content library houses over 400 highly interactive, industrial skills web-based modules. Developed in-house by a team of subject matter experts, instructional design technologist, and graphic artists, individual courses can be taken at any time or combined to fulfill a curriculum need.

Safety Series
The modules in the Safety subject area begin by providing an overview of common industrial facility hazards and protective systems, including the areas of a facility where these hazards may be encountered. These modules also introduce fire and electrical safety practices, as well as discuss topics such as hazardous communications, lockout/tagout, industrial signage, and personal protective equipment.

Industrial Foundation Series
Is it time to refresh your memory about the basics of industrial trades? We have you covered! This training series includes an overview of industrial facility systems and tackles essential topics that are related to safety, mathematics, tools, maintenance, computers, print reading, science, and the environment.

Mechanical Series
Do you need to brush up on your mechanical know-how? We have exactly what you need! This training series is dedicated to your mechanical expertise-including bearing maintenance, industrial hydraulic fundamentals, mechanical transmission systems, lubrication concepts, and more.

Electrical Series
Are you interested in the critical aspects of electrical systems and equipment? Our electrical training series can help to boost your proficiency! Find out more about the latest trends and techniques regarding transformers, motor and motor control, variable frequency drives, and circuit protection.

Power Plant (Combined Cycle) Series
Want to be in the loop with the most recent updates in combined cycle operations and power generation? Take advantage of our combined cycle training program! Topics include combined cycle fundamentals, power plant efficiency, gas turbines, and heat recovery steam generators.

Instrumentation and Control Series
Are you looking for an integrated and relevant discussion of instrumentation and control fundamentals? You've found the right source! This training series involves an introduction to instrumentation and control, process measurement, programmable logic controllers, and more.

Industrial Electricity and Electronics Series
Do you need to know more about electricity and electronics? Let us show you how! Highlights include basic electricity principles, AC and DC circuits, power supplies, and digital electronics.

Building Management and Maintenance Series
All facilities will require a certain amount of upkeep, and will definitely require repairs. Learn more about facility up keeping here, in the Building Management and Maintenance series of modules.

Distribution and Warehousing Series
The Distribution and Warehousing series includes the following courses: Distribution Center Overview,
Conveyor Basics, Facility Maintenance, and Fork Trucks.

Water Treatment Series
Water treatment is vital worldwide to remove contaminants from water and make it acceptable for a wide range of uses. The TTS Water Treatment Series provides general information about the processes necessary to produce water that meets the specific requirements for its usage.

Maintenance Management Series
The Managers Toolbox consists of six core subject areas required to succeed in industry operations and maintenance from a managerial perspective: Green Sustainability, Maintenance Management, Organization-Based Maintenance Systems, Personal Effectiveness, Quality and Process Improvement, and Workforce Training.

Upon successful completion of the Industrial Skills Training Series students will gain the knowledge to enter the industrial workforce or operations and maintenance space. IACET CEU’s awarded along with certificate of completion.

Each module contains numerous Knowledge Checks along the way to help you measure your understanding. At the end of each module there is a final quiz. A score of 80% or higher is required to earn a certificate of completion.

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