Course Name
Maintenance Management Toolbox Training Series

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
Skilled management is vital to the success of projects, teams, divisions, and companies overall. The Manager's’ Toolbox series is designed to engage both potential and current managers in a wide variety of management principles to develop and increase their capabilities. Topics discussed include quality, personal development, finance, maintenance, organization, and sustainability. This series consists of 47 modules. Each module is 30 minutes in length and is presented in the Courses section.

Maintenance Management - The Maintenance Management subject area gives an overview of maintenance as well as focusing on parts maintenance, maintenance programs and preventative maintenance.

Organization-Based Maintenance Systems - The Organization-Based Maintenance subject area focuses on the importance of maintenance through all areas of industry, including physical assets, employee education regarding maintenance, and workplace environments.

Quality and Process Improvement - The Quality Process and Improvement subject area focuses specifically on all phases of the six sigma process improvement project. It also covers company strategies for success, quality management, statistical process controls and the lean manufacturing process.

Personal Effectiveness - The Personal Effectiveness subject area focuses on the skills necessary for optimal employee performance, including coaching, delegation, communication, group decision making, project management and finance.

Workforce Training - The Workforce Training subject area focuses creating an effective workplace through training. It covers various training methods as well as the ADDIE model.
Green Sustainability - The Green Sustainability subject area focuses on the information necessary for green building as well as the environmental and cost benefits.

Please note: courses of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.

Upon successful completion of the Maintenance Management Series students will gain the knowledge in the following areas: Green Sustainability, Maintenance Management, Organization-Based Maintenance Systems, Personal Effectiveness, Quality and Process Improvement, and Workforce Training This series consists of 47 modules. Each module is 30 minutes in length. IACET CEU’s awarded along with certificate of completion.

Each module contains numerous Knowledge Checks along the way to help you measure your understanding. At the end of each module there is a final quiz. A score of 80% or higher is required to earn a certificate of completion.

Required Book(s)
All training is delivered online. No additional purchase required.

Maintenance Management
Introduction to Maintenance
Condition-Based Maintenance
Parts Management and Inventory Control
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Workflow and Controls

Organization-Based Maintenance Systems
Balanced Scorecard
Introduction to Six Sigma
Six Sigma - Introduction to DMAIC
Six Sigma - DMAIC Tools I
Six Sigma - DMAIC Tools II
Introduction to Lean
Statistical Process Control
Total Quality Management

Overview of Reliability Centered Maintenance
Total Productive Maintenance
Workplace Organization – 5S
Quality and Process Improvement

Personal Effectiveness
Effective Listening in the Workplace
Effective Written Communications
Group Decision Making
Basic Business Finance

Workforce Training
ISD Overview
Training Analysis
Design of Effective Workplace Learning
Practical Training Development Methods
Implementation of Workplace Learning
Training Evaluation

Green Sustainability
Concepts in Green Purchasing
Energy Ratings and Audits Defined
Energy-Efficient Systems
Green Building Adding to the Bottom Line
Green Building and Renovations Defined
Green Certification and Standards