Course Name
Management and Leadership Studies Certificate

Contact Hours: 300

Course Description
The is perfect for a business owner, entrepreneur, manager, leader, or anyone seeking to learn the essentials of business management and leadership. If you are thinking of starting a business or pursuing an MBA, you want to learn the essentials of accounting, management, marketing, tax, law, operations, and strategy.

Our offers comprehensive training in many important areas, including:
  • Develop a business best practice
  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Identifying leadership style
  • Implementing change in an organization
  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Determine BATNA in negotiations
  • Evaluate real-life business issues
  • Develop collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Develop an operational plan
  • Effectively communicate in a persuasive argument

The include 9 courses:
  1. Business Best Practices
  2. Effective Interpersonal Communication and Assertion Skills
  3. Organizational Leadership & Decision-Making
  4. Organizational Development & Change
  5. Negotiation Strategies
  6. Seven Management Disciplines
  7. Collaborative Problem-Solving
  8. Strategic Management in Operations
  9. Persuasive Communication

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.

Upon successful completion, students will be well-prepared to work in a supervisory role.

Assessment Tools:
  • Exams
  • Quizzes
  • Practical Experience
  • Online Exercises

Required Book(s)
Students will receive access to all course materials: textbooks and supplementary materials. No additional purchase required.

To receive a complete and comprehensive course outline, please write to Be certain to include both the complete course number and course title with your query.