Course Name
Career Advancement Certificate: Complete Paralegal Training Program

Contact Hours: 160

Course Description
PLEASE NOTE: This version of the course allows up to one year for completion and is enrollable for those using specific funding resources only. You may not register for this program using credit card, check, paypal, or other direct payment source. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

This state-of-the-art paralegal home training course makes it possible for a student to quickly and easily learn this complex, prestigious and fascinating discipline. The program was developed by a battle-tested paralegal and is delivered through an "accelerated instruction technology" in a platform learning style. 

The career outlook is excellent. Many opportunities exist for paralegals and legal assistants to specialize in various types of law practice, such as real estate, criminal, family, personal injury, business, etc., with job opportunities steadily increasing. This course consists of 2 sections.

•Section I is the module which teaches all about law basics and law office operations.
•Section II focuses on law specialties, complete with samples of pleadings, formats, and citations.

The course is streamlined and yet comprehensive – and provides everything needed to enter the workforce. It is designed to teach the functions and processes of institutions in the U.S. legal system, roles and issues in the field, and selected specialties of law. It discusses employment opportunities and provides resource websites for research purposes to enhance educational skills as well as to provide opportunities to network for employment.

The complete course also covers broader and more general issues directly relevant to the profession. You will learn:
  • American Law, court systems and litigation
  • Interview techniques
  • Legal writing (including a grammar refresher)
  • Legal research
  • Citation use

This paralegal training course focuses on the legal concepts, procedures, and skills that are used in a wide variety of legal environments. It is designed to teach the functions and processes of institutions in the U.S. legal system, roles and issues in the paralegal field, legal ethics, and selected specialties of law.

Please note: Course of study may be completed earlier than indicated.

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the responsibilities and career possibilities of a paralegal.
  • Relate the development of the U.S. Constitution and statutory and administrative law.
  • Explain jurisdictional determination of cases.
  • Differentiate substantive and procedural law.
  • Analyze the process and procedures of a lawsuit, including pleading, discovery, and litigation process.
  • Discuss ethical considerations or concerns in relation to the legal team, client relations, and billing/fees.
  • Clarify the importance of good interviewing techniques to focus, test, and expand on initial information.
  • Apply rules of English grammar to legal writing.
  • Examine the structure of opinions and properly research and analyze cases.

Assessment Tools:
  • Exams
  • Quizzes
  • Practical Experience
  • Online exercises

Required Book(s)
All training and materials are provided. No additional purchase required.

  • The Profession  
  • The Law   
  • The Court System   
  • Civil Litigation   
  • The Law Office   
  • Interviewing and Investigation   
  • Legal Writing   
  • Research and Citation   
  • Internet References Topics Covered in Section II   
  • Bankruptcy Law   
  • Business Law   
  • Contracts Law   
  • Family Law   
  • Torts and Tortfeasors   
  • Litigation   
  • Criminal Law   
  • Real Estate Law   
  • Wills    
  • Terminology   
  • Shepardizing   
  • Formatting   
  • Basics   
  • Purposes, Principles and Mastery   
  • Changing Nature of the Source Media   
  • Who Sets the Standards and Rules   
  • Electronic Source Citation B. Citing