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Course Name
Learn to Be Your Own Editor

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
Through this course, students explore basic editing techniques. These techiques can be used to edit their own work or as a starting point for potential editing employment.

  • Students learn basic editing language and mark-ups.
  • Students learn how to recognize sentence and word structure problems.
  • Students work on editing their own work.
  • Students also explore the critiquing process.

This is a self-directed course. Students will receive feedback on the final week`s assignment. Exercises completed before that week will be used to tailor the course to the student`s needs but will not receive individual feedback. Assessment takes place in the form of final analysis and critiquing of a piece of text in the final week. Facilitator offers feedback on this final assignment.

  1. Students learn basic editing techiques, mark-up, and text.
  2. Students continue with focus on basic editing techniques.
  3. Students work at learning how to identify and correct sentence and paragraph structural difficulties and errors.
  4. Students utilize above techniques to edit their own work. Some exploration will also be made of markets for editing jobs for students wishing to become employed in the editing or proofreading fields.
  5. Students work with other students utilizing provided critique methods and appropriate editing techniques.
  6. Students submit, for critique, a final project. This project consists of an original piece of text, the marked version, and the corrected version. If students are looking to be employed in the editing of proofreading field, they can utilize a second option of taking a standard editing test.