Course Name
Market Leadership in an E-Commerce Age

Contact Hours: 16

Course Description
Participants will work with the assumption that e-commerce and the information age have permeated every aspect of their daily lives.

The course is expected to raise that awareness through self-assessments and begin to look at the mechanisms and processes of this information e-commerce environment that surrounds us and integrates itself into our daily lives.

Participants will inventory their own interactions with e-commerce and complete a cause and effect survey.

Participants will be assessed on their understanding of the e-commerce environment and their being able to apply that understanding prescriptively to organizational and life situations.

Participants will self-assess their current situation(s) as they touch on the information e-commerce age. They will complete a cause and effect survey along with a final paper outlining the environment and prescriptions they see for themselves as they continue to interact with these new technologies.

Lesson Plans
  1. Complete the assessment survey. Contribute to the discussion thread topic: "The shifting paradigm of information technology." 

  2. Read article on Knowledge Management and contribute to the discussion thread topic: "The Sustainable Competitive Advantage."

  3. Complete industry survey and submit. Write a 3-5 page paper on the personal impact of e-commerce and the information age on your life.

  4. Write a prescriptive paper (4-6 pages) on where you see the challenges in the future of e-commerce and the information age.