Course Name
5 Steps to Effective Persuasive Business Communication

Contact Hours: 10

Course Description
The main objective of this course is to equip you with a proven method and persuasive writing technique. This course is designed specifically for anyone who wants to get the "target audience" to take action or shift their opinion or point of view. Since no one can be expected to change their mind or take action if they are not predisposed to do so, this practical approach helps break down barriers that might otherwise preclude achieving a successful outcome.

You will begin with the creation of a baseline written document. When the first assignment is completed it is put away, only to be referred to at the end of the course. In between, you will be given a series of 5 specific steps and corresponding assignments to work on.

Each of these carefully ordered steps will bring you closer and closer to applying the method to your original written work (baseline). The final project is designed to take your original work and apply what you have learned (treatment). When compared to the original work the new document should be remarkably different and substantively effective in its intent and purpose.

Once the persuasive premises of communication are thoroughly understood you will be able approximate how your own written messages can be more effectively constructed and used in daily social and business interaction. The objective is to apply this new knowledge to any writing activity included but not limited to, reports, essays, memos, e-mails, letters, advertising and marketing documents etc.


By completing this course you will:
  1. Learn how to develop a persuasive writing strategy that can then be generalized to a wide range of written and oral communication.
  2. Demonstrate competency in writing persuasive communication content.
  3. Have the ability to instantly apply this new knowledge to any type or form of written communication.


Turn in a optional final report for review and comments. 

Self-Assessment through comparison of original baseline document to a document that has been carefully optimized using persuasive writing strategies and techniques. This course is self-graded. There are 22 questions on the final exam.

Lesson 1
  • Course introduction and overview
  • What is persuasion?
  • Creation of a persuasively written baseline document
  • Application exercises
  • Website resources & activities
Lesson 2
  • What makes an effective persuasive communicator?
  • Shannon-Weaver model of communication
  • Sender-Receiver communication
  • Techniques of persuasion defined
  • Application exercises
  • Website resources & activities
Lesson 3
  • Logical and emotional appeal
  • Techniques of persuasion applied
  • Overcoming objectives
  • Application exercises
  • Website resources & activities
Lesson 4
  • Visualization as a form of persuasion
  • Techniques of persuasion applied
  • Getting the target to take action
  • The importance of source credibility
  • Application exercises Website resources & activities
Lesson 5
  • Review of course notes
  • Application of techniques discussed
  • Comparison of baseline document with treated content
  • Final exam
  • Application for completion certificate (optional)