Course Name
Contract Law

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
By creating rules about what constitutes contracts (basic contract law), society describes those agreements that help a society to conduct business. Specialized rules apply to sales and lease contracts.

For this basic completion course, students will contact the instructor who will guide them on all course procedures. Students may query the instructor via e-mail and voice, regarding lessons, readings and interpretation of the materials. 

NOTE: The class is asynchronous. You can begin when you are ready and end upon your completion of the book. 

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Know what is necessary to create a valid legal contract;
  • Understand how issues regarding any of the elements of a contract can render it voidable;
  • Recognize when third parties receive rights out of such a contract;
  • See the effects of when a contract is completed, or breached; and
  • Discover that different rules apply to sales and lease contracts so that business can move quickly and efficiently.

Students will complete open-book multiple choice exams on each chapter of material in the course (where the course consists of 15 chapters of material). Students may query the instructor up to three times, via e-mail, regarding course content. Completion of each chapter is based on achieving a score of 70% or more on tests provided.

Required Book(s)
Additional textbook required. Upon enrollment, please speak directly with the course instructor prior to purchasing the book.

Week 1

(Students using the 8th Edition need to go to the course site for reading assignments)

- Nature and Terminology (Chapter 9); QUIZ
- Agreement (Chapter 10); QUIZ
- Consideration (Chapter 11); QUIZ

Week 2

- Capacity and Legality (Chapter 12); QUIZ
- Genuineness of Assent (Chapter 13); QUIZ

Week 3

- The Statute of Frauds (Chapter 14); QUIZ
- Third Party Rights (Chapter 15); QUIZ

Week 4

- Performance and Discharge (Chapter 16): QUIZ
- Breach of Contract and Remedies (Chapter 17); QUIZ
- E-Contracts (Chapter 18); Quiz

Week 5

- The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts (Chapter 19); QUIZ
- Title, Risk, and Insurable Interest (Chapter 20): QUIZ

Week 6

- Performance of Sales and Lease Contracts (Chapter 21); Quiz
- Remedies for Breach of Sales and Leases Contracts (Chapter 22); QUIZ
- Sales and Lease Warranties (Chapter 23); QUIZ