Course Name
Paralegalism Career Overview

Contact Hours: 24

Course Description
Paralegals can assist lawyers in the delivery of many basic services. A paralegal`s general knowledge about the American Legal System and specific knowledge about civil and criminal law can enhance a paralegal`s value in the workplace. Gaining an overview of the law can provide students with insight about this fast-growing area of the law.

This course is based on an independent study model that allows the student to work through the program in a self-directed manner. Questions and return email communication can be engaged in for clarification and guidance when necessary.

For this Basic Completion course, students will contact the instructor who will guide them on all course procedures. Students may query the instructor via e-mail and voice, regarding lessons, readings and interpretation of the materials.

Upon completion of this course, students will have:
  • Learned about the American Legal System;
  • Discovered the different roles a paralegal can fill; and
  • Reinforced their learning through the on-line quizzes which are always available.

Students will complete open-book multiple choice exams on each chapter of material in the course.This course is entirely self-paced. Students can take the quizzes at any time as there is no instructor involvement.

Required Book(s)
Additional textbook required. Upon enrollment, please speak directly with the course instructor prior to purchasing the book.


  1. Today's Professional Paralegal; QUIZ
  2. Careers in the Legal Community; QUIZ
  3. The Legal Workplace; QUIZ
  4. The American Legal System; QUIZ
  5. The Civil Litigation Process; QUIZ
  6. Legal Research, Analysis and Writing; QUIZ