Course Name
How to Locate the Very Best Funding Sources for Your Organization

Contact Hours: 8

Course Description
This self-paced course gives you the tools to quickly and effectively find the very best funding sources for your organization. The author of this course allows email contact on a limited basis. This is a self-directed course. The author however will respond to any questions you may have as long as they are limited to 1 per week (a total of 2 emails).

The student will learn how to research various foundation, corporate, and governmental agencies that fund programs that are specific to their organization’s needs. If the student does not currently work for an actual organization they will be asked to create a fictional one for this course. At the end of the course, the student should have generated a list of potential funding sources.

The student will know how to:

  • Research prospective foundation funding sources
  • Research prospective corporate funding sources
  • Research prospective governmental funding sources

  1. In this first week, you will learn the history of foundations, their giving patterns and how to research them. You will also learn about corporate funding sources and how to research them. Many corporations have a sense of social responsibility to their employees and their community, and they act on this by setting up corporate foundations or by giving funds directly from their operating budgets for worthy causes.

  2. In the second week, we will be reviewing governmental funding sources and how to research them. Every year your local, state, and federal government together contribute billions of dollars to fund thousands of programs.